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Pak Centralasian Furnitures (PCA) is an extraordinary source of traditional, cultural furniture and home décor furniture that reflects the rich cultural heritage of our region. Having joined hands with famous Pak Turk Affordable online Furniture store in Islamabad, PCA offers the authentic Pak Turk furniture online besides many of its own designs that are originally made in its factory in Muzaffarabad AJK. The designs are backed by quality Kashmiri wood, textiles and its carving that has been famous for centuries. Besides these brand new beautifully created wide range of furniture items, PCA also  indulges in antique Pakistani furniture pieces including doors, windows, and classical pillars that are still available in northern Pakistan but fast becoming extinct.

This restored furniture is also available with us in a large variety at very affordable prices and makes us a unique online antique furniture store. There are hand-carved, hand-painted new and antique wooden doors and cupboards besides hand carved Turkish style furniture. We represent all work of Pak Turk affordable classic Furniture store in Islamabad which has been the major source of antique Asian furniture in Islamabad for over a decade. Furniture is any home decor’s staple. If you are planning to get some new home decor furniture in Islamabad, there are quite a lot of things to be taken into consideration. You can be overwhelmed with the selection available and get confused about the type of home decor furniture in Islamabad you need. Pak Centralasian Furnitures is therefore the ultimate affordable online furniture store in islamabad for classical, authentic, traditional and artsy real wood furniture and home décor items.

Our Motivation

Immense love for Pakistan, it’s culture and people with a life time passion of furniture designs and Central Asian culture.

Terms & Conditions

Shipping Info

The prices of the items quoted on the website are ex-store at F-6, Islamabad. Customers can take the item themselves but if asked to deliver, separate delivery charges over and above the price of the item will apply.

As each delivery is unique in terms of size and destination, Pak Central Asian Furniture contacts the customer first with details regarding the price of shipping, its mode, method and timing and the same are mutually decided/ agreed. International customer are contacted via email to confirm their packages shipping mode, shipping cost, timing etc.

Payment Methods

Pak Central Asian Furniture offers multiple choices for making payments against the purchase made by customer.

You can pay through Bank transfer, Cheque and Visa debit card.    “Cash on delivery” method is available in twin cities only.

Purchase can be made on cash as well at our showroom. These choices are available on the “Cart page”.

Return Policy

We offer the best return policy in business. Bring any item you bought from us even after 10 years and we’ll take it back at 70% of its original price or exchange it with an item of your choice upon payment of the difference.

Free repairs & polishing

Get any wood furniture repaired and re-polished from us for free.

Custom size and colors

Want to add a bit of your own flair in the colors or you are just looking for a bigger table? Let us know and we’ll get it custom made as you desire.

What They’re Saying

It was really fun getting to know the team during the project. They were all helpful in answering my questions and made me feel at ease. The design ended up being better than I could have envisioned!

Sara MeharProduct Designer

Great service, great quality would recommend without hesitation. Thank you Pak Central Asian Furniture we will contact you again in the future

Nadeem Baig

we had been ordered a range of stock from Pak Central Asian Furniture. The furniture was the right fit for our venue, excellent quality, sturdy and durable. The customer service was exceptional in all aspects, especially when helping to decide on the correct furniture and specific measurements for the unique spaces within a brand new venue. We were very pleased with the speed of delivery. We had a scratch on one table which occurred whilst out for delivery, this was replaced the next working day. Excellent service from beginning to end.

Arshad Khan

A very nice collection of Traditional, Ethnic and Authentic hand made real wood furniture in Islamabad Pakistan....

Zahid Manzoor