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Beds and Side Tables

At PCA-Pak Turk Furnitures, we are proud of our beds and bed side tables. There is a long list of designs and materials and craftsmanship that surpasses the collection of any handicraft/traditional and affordable bed room sets of any one. All items are beautiful aesthetically pleasing which enhance the environment of a room. They are in rustic, organic oil polishes and use hand painted, carving and traditional metal grill work. Price range is exceptionally affordable and durability of each item is guaranteed.

Hand Carved Wooden Beds

Hand Carved Wooden beds are the most popular even in today’s time. They were highly popular in the traditional time as they were magnificent pieces of furniture amongst other types of beds as they are rustic and last for a long time with style, comfort, and elegance. Hand Carved Wooden beds are the ones that can bring charm to your room. These beds have become an obvious choice for those who want to give a classic look to their place.

Since ages, the demand for producing plenty of beds changed the creation of the once individually hand crafted wooden bed to cove the thin-covering finishes of the beds and leaving the once venerated pine and wood beds a part of history. This updated style of wood is lighter in weight and a less bulky piece of bedroom furniture. The wider range of styles and shades of these beds is comparatively more appealing than the modern beds.

Types of Hand Carved wooden Beds

There are various types of beds available like bunk, storage, modern, wooden, hand crafted wooden beds, and many more. They are made of pine, oak, maple and of many other kinds of woods which assures the highest quality and durability. The heavy crafting keeps it simple and goes well with modern as well as with traditional rooms. To give the overall enrichment to your bedroom, these vast designed and styled wooden beds are more preferable. These various types of Hand crafted wooden beds can be chosen as per space in your room or according to your taste. Basically, these beds are having their own features. These great featured beds are mind-blowing and thus make them popular even in today’s time! You can also buy them online. is the leading Online Bedroom Furniture Store in Islamabad having a vast collection of bedroom furniture like Hand Carved Wooden beds, Classic beds, and more at affordable rates. While at the same time giving you a great customer experience and free delivery on all products.