As a starting point, when we consider a good piece of furniture we may refer to ways that it may contribute to our lives and in our universe- or if we narrow down the term ‘universe’ in our lives, it will be more precisely our ‘ home’! It can add either aesthetically by being beautiful and pleasing to the eye or by being utilitarian by offering good storage space in the form of a Cabinet, Corner shelf, a writing-table or a chest of drawers, and so on.

best oil for furniture

Furniture at Pak-Turk-Pak Central Asian (PCA) has much more to offer. For the simple reason that the final look that is the part and parcel of any piece of furniture when done at Pak-Turk-PCA often blends in the element of different finishes that are different from the regular varnishes used in the furniture industry in Pakistan.

The use of different oils on furniture is one of the topics that attract attention when the aim is to obtain a finished piece with the advantages of being eco-friendly or non-toxic. The use of oils on furniture is not a new practice and has been used in different parts of the world for centuries.

Depending on the availability, one may opt from popular choices like linseed oil, walnut oil, tung oil, or olive oil. Tung oil is derived from the Tung tree, a kind of tree which is found in Eastern Asia and has been planted for many centuries now particularly in China. Being plant-based, this specific oil is used as a wood finish and has the advantages of penetrating quickly into the grain and protecting the wood. Likewise, Linseed oil is another oil that is recommended for wood finishes. It is especially beneficial in protecting the surfaces from scratches and humidity and has an added advantage of giving a smooth finish and highlighting the grain and the color of the wood on which it is used. Walnut oil is yet another oil that may be used on wood. It is available quite readily in Europe, but many suggest the use of this oil on wooden cutting boards and utensils, and small pieces.

Olive oil is yet another choice. Not only it is eco-friendly but also has the benefit of being more affordable and cheaper. Olive oil may be used on furniture to enhance the natural shine of the wooden piece. One may use it on a range of furniture from tables, chairs, shelves to small pieces like wooden boxes. Olive oil is useful in protecting wood from mild dents though it may not have the same thickness as the familiar varnish coatings do.

In short, a variety of oils may be used to give a new life, luster, and protection to a piece of wood and transform it into something beautiful and eco-friendly. And of course, being eco-friendly and organic is a great aspect of using such oils which we never shall forget.